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Sole Trader Accounting

Starting a business or going self employed can be a daunting prospect. As a sole trade, rather than a limited company, you are the business and the business is you. This can feel like a lot of pressure for anyone who has limited accounting experience. 

The UK tax code is the longest in the world and with constantly increasing compliance, bringing in an accounting firm to manage your taxes & accounting is an ideal solution. 

At Moss Accounting, our in-house Bookkeeper and Accountant offer a hassle free, full service accounting solution. From bookkeeping to tax calculation, we can take all of the stress out of the process for you.

The first thing we need to fo for your Sole Trader business os register you with HMRC for Self-Assessment. Once you are registered HMRC will send you a Unique Taxpayers Reference in the post, usually within 14 days. 

As a Sole Trader business you need to start recording your income and expenses. We recommend Quickbooks accounting software. We can assist you with setting it all up, training you on how to use it and keeping an eye on it for you. Alternatively we also offer a full bookkeeping service so you can simply send us all of your receipts and bank statements and we will process it all for you and send you a report each month so you can see how your business is performing month by month. 

At the end of the year we would prepare & file your self assessment tax return and calculate your tax liability for you.

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