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Company Formation & HMRC Registrations

Once you have decided on which Company Structure you would like to operate through, there are certain registrations you must submit to let HMRC and Companies House know that you are trading. Our in-house Accountant and Bookkeeper can assist you with all of your registrations. 

You also need to think about VAT Registration, CIS, Payroll & Auto Enrolment. We are deal with all of these registrations for you. 

Limited Company Registrations - If you are planning on running your business as a Limited Company you will need to be registered with Companies House as well as HMRC. Contact us to discuss the incorporation of your Limited Company. 

Sole Traders do not need to register with Companies House as there is not a separate legal entity being created. For Sole Trader businesses you are required to register for Self Assessment with HMRC. Again, this is something we can take care of for you. Once we have registered you for Self-Assessment HMRC will send you a Unique Taxpayers Reference through the post which we will use to file your yearly tax returns. See our Sole trader section for more information about managing your sole trader business. 


If your turnover over 12 consecutive months exceeds £85,000 you will need to become VAT registered. Once registered you will be required to add VAT to all of your customer invoices. You will also be able to claim back VAT on purchases. We can take care of the VAT registration and all ongoing VAT compliance for you. 

See our VAT section for more details 


Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, or both we can deal with the HMRC registration for you. It is important that this is done prior to you working within the CIS scheme so please get in touch asap to arrange the registration and get you on your way.


If you are an employer in the UK you will usually have to operate PAYE as part of your payroll. We can deal with the registration for you. Once we file the registration with HMRC they will send you through an Accounts Office Reference and a PAYE Reference. Usually within around 7 days. We would then use these referenced to file your monthly PAYE and RTI with HMRC


If you are employing staff who are over the age of 22, under state pension age and you are paying them over £10,000 per year, you are required to enrol them in a workplace pension scheme. We can deal with the registration for you, as well as the ongoing compliance. We would deal with all of the assessments and ensure all staff who are eligible to be enrolled are enrolled. We would then manage the monthly deductions through your PAYE scheme and ensure the correct amounts are paid to the pension pot each month. 

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