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Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Accounting

Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, or both, our in-house Accountant and Bookkeeper team can deal with the HMRC compliance for you. 

At Moss Accounting we support all CIS businesses, both large and small.

As a CIS contractor you are obligated to register yourself or your business with HMRC, verify your subcontractors and submit monthly CIS returns. At Moss Accounting we can deal with all of this for you and case the hassle out of the HMRC compliance for you.

Our Contractor CIS Services Include:

- HMRC Contractors Registration 

- Verification of your Subcontractors 

- CIS Statement to your Subcontractors 

- Monthly CIS returns to HMRC

As a subcontractor you are also required to register yourself with HMRC. You will supply your contractor with your UTR number and National Insurance number and they will deduct CIS tax from their payments to you. 

Upon paying you, the contractor will send you a statement of your earnings and deductions. You will need to keep hold of these for us to file your tax return at the end of the year. 

Our Subcontractor Services Include:

- Determining your status as a subcontractor and registering you with HMRC

- Supporting you in preparing you CIS invoices to send over to your contractor

- Managing your business records & bookkeeping 

- Preparing your end of year self assessment tax return and calculating your tax liability or refund. 

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